Even clean hands can couse damage interview to Los Cripis

1. Tell me your names, where you come from, where you are now, why/how did you wind up there?
Marta, Josi y Nico, We are from Bs As, Argentina. Nico and Josi are from Buenos Aires, where born there, never moved elsewhere, and theres a lot going on Marta was born in a smaller town and moved to Buenos Aires for the same reason.

2. What was the most important object and/or experience that got you interested in making music?
Drums and guitars.

3. How did Los Cripis happen?
Nicolas and Josi started the band on their own recording at home. After making two albums and playing live shows in their own house for imaginary people they decided they needed a drummer to play live. They met Marta who worked in the same block where they live and now are very happy with the band, recording new stuff and on tour.

4. What is the process of making music together like?
Mostly Josi and Nicolas come up with the melodies and are worked together in the rehearsing space with the drums, or sometimes they appear during rehearsihg.

5. What kind of reaction have you had to your music so far? (the bad, sad and ecstatic?)

We are actually very surprised of the reaction in Europe, we even had people dancing in our last show in Bristol. In Buenos Aires is not so easy, the reaction is quite ecstatic.

6. What would be the main things - feelings, ideas, dance moves, ethic/politic or other messages etc - that you would like to come across in your music?

We don't want to give any particular message, we concentrate on the music and energy, and have fun. Every lyric is a different simple or nonsense story, we like the brain to relax.

7. What do you do in 'real' life - like as a day job, school, other projects etc?
We don't have real life our souls live our bodies after each show. Then the bodies dismantled and are put in a wooden box specially designed by a catholic carpenter from Swaziland where we come from.

8. Who do you consider to be your (inter)national peers of rad? What makes them rad? What are they up to and how can we find out about it? 9. Who are the prime movers (bands, organisers, artists & activists that you love) in your city? Tell me all about them (give us links and info too...)
From Argentina we like some bands from a record label called Maynumbi, also we like all the bands of our cassette label the awesome Fariscal Records (www.fariscal.com.ar). From this side of the world we have many cool friends with great bands as The Proper Ornaments, Silver Fox, Charles Howl, Cop and many others. Mostly we feel very close to DIY bands such as ours. And promoters arid managers with good taste ( in Argentina) and high spirits such as our friend Bruno Gomez.

10. What are you going to do next?
Play and play and then Play. Oh also record a new album.